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Interactive Figurative Language Posters

I always love teaching about figurative language, and these interactive figurative language posters engage and inspire students to continue looking for examples of figurative language throughout the year!

Interactive figurative language posters with post-it notes


How I use Interactive Figurative Language Posters

Each of the figurative language posters has the definition, as well as a sample sentence. They also have a lot of blank space where students can write their examples down on post-it notes to add to the posters! I have small, colored post-it notes with colors coordinate with each type of figurative language. We use 7 different types of figurative language/post-it note colors in our classroom. I linked the ones we use up above!

After learning about each type of figurative language, students are tasked with finding examples of figurative language in their independent reading books or in stories we read as a class! When students find an example, they grab a post-it note that is color-coordinated for each type of figurative language. Then they write down the example that they found and hang it up on our board!

I also like having students share their examples by reading them out loud to the class! Students love when the find examples of figurative language and get excited to add a post-it note to our posters!

Want to use these interactive figurative language posters in your classroom? You can get them here!

Not teaching figurative language quite yet? Save this post on Pinterest, so that you can come back to it later!

These interactive figurative language posters will engage your students and get them excited about finding examples of figurative language in the books they're reading! Students write examples on post-it notes, then add the sticky notes to the posters!

Looking for more ways to get your students excited about reading? Check out this post, all about organizing your classroom library so that students can easily find books they love to read!

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