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Teacher Toolbox Labels

I have used a teacher toolbox for YEARS and it has helped so much with organizing all those smaller supplies that I want in an easy-to-access place! I recently updated my teacher toolbox labels so that they have a more updated, colorful look!

Picture of teacher toolbox labels in two different sized containers with drawers.

My Teacher Toolbox Labels include 90 different large labels and 78 small labels for your teacher toolbox! The labels are formatted to fit two of the most used teacher toolboxes!

Toolbox Options:

I have used two different sized teacher toolboxes! For the first several years I used the top toolbox you’ll see pictured below! I loved it, but I found that the smaller drawers were usually filled to the brim! So this year I switched over to a taller teacher toolbox that has all large drawers, and I have been loving it so much!!!

I don’t have a link for the shorter toolbox, but you can get the larger teacher toolbox using my affiliate link here!

I keep my teacher toolbox organizer near my desk/teaching space, so that way when I need anything it is right within reach! The drawers also can come all the way out, so if I’m hanging up things across the room and need a lot of push pins, I can just slide the drawer out and take it with me!

Teacher Toolbox FAQs

Q: How do you attach the labels?

A: I laminate the labels and use scotch tape to tape them to the outside front of each drawer! I use two pieces of tape and roll them, then stick them on either side of the label!

Q: Are the labels editable?

A: These labels are not editable. I spent a lot of time customizing the clip art and font sizing and placement, which is very tricky to do with editable labels! I did include a lot of different label options though to fit most teachers’ needs! There are also a few generic options (for example: extras, misc. things, teacher things, fun stuff, extras, other supplies) in case you have items you would like to store in your toolbox that don’t have specific labels!

Q: Where did you get your toolbox?

I got the taller toolbox from Amazon! You can get it using my affiliate link here!

Q: Do expo markers and scissors fit in there?

A: It depends on your size of drawers, but I have both expo markers and small scissors in the taller toolbox pictured above!

Q: Where can I get your labels?

A: You can get them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here! I hope you love using them!

Want more classroom organization ideas and inspiration? Check out this post to see and read about more of my organizational systems and follow me over on Instagram!

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