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Easy Student Gift: Sticker Cards!

Looking for an affordable and easy student gift? Look no further! These Student Gift Sticker Cards make putting together students gifts quick and easy! PLUS, students love them!!

Easy Student Gift: Sticker Cards!

They are perfect gifts for the beginning of the year, the end of the year, coming back after a break, or even celebrating holidays! If your students love stickers as much as I do, I’ve got the perfect printable sticker cards (complete with fun sticker puns!) that you can easily add stickers to and pass out year round! They are perfect for easy goodbye gift to send your students off to summer break or welcome your students at the beginning of the year!

Easy Student Gift: Sticker Cards!

Favorite Stickers in our Class

These are a few of our favorite packs of stickers from the past couple years! I buy stickers based on my students’ interests! I also love getting summer themed stickers if I’m giving them out at the end of the year!

You can click here to shop all these stickers and other classroom favorites from my Amazon storefront!

Easy Student Gift: Sticker Cards!

How to Create this Easy Student Gift:

To make the sticker card gifts:

  1. Print your favorite card from my Student Gift Sticker Card pack
  2. Cut each paper in half (there are 2 cards on each page!)
  3. Tape stickers onto it!

You can print on regular printer paper, or you can use cardstock if you want them to be a little more sturdy! I usually tape two stickers on each card, but you could just do one sticker if you wanted! They are super easy to make and you can buy a pack of stickers for a really great price on Amazon!

Easy Student Gift: Sticker Cards!

I always store any extra stickers in this plastic jar or on our class sticker chart! I have students who are responsible for filling up our sticker chart with stickers from the jar when it gets empty!

Sticker Storage organization and display ideas

Want to learn more about how I use stickers in my classroom?

Check out this post to learn more about my Sticker Storage + Display! And you can read all about my Sticker Reward Classroom Management Strategy here!

Sticker Reward Classroom Management Strategy

Save this post on Pinterest so you can remember this easy student gift idea for the beginning or end of the year!

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