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Zentangle Growth Mindset Project

This zentangle growth mindset project is one of my favorite activities for the beginning of the school year! It ties in perfectly to our discussions around having a growth mindset, and students love learning about Zentangle art!

Zentangle growth mindset art project for the beginning of the year


Zentangle patterns that students can use to help them with their designs!

Zentangle Growth Mindset Project Directions:

  1. We start by having students trace their hand in pencil on a piece of white construction paper. I model how to trace the hand and tell students to trace lightly in case they have to go back and fix any areas!
  2. Next, students trace over their pencil with their thin black permanent marker.
  3. After that, I have students divide their hand up into several different sections. We divide it up a section at a time as a class! Then I show them different examples of Zentangle patterns and demo for them how to draw a pattern in one of the different sections of the hand. Every section will have a different pattern!
  4. After I model how to do it, they get started on their Zentangle designs! I have a printout with different Zentangle patterns at each student table so they can use those for ideas! I also encourage them to be creative and come up with their own patterns! It usually takes a couple days for the to finish their Zentangle designs!
  5. Next, we watercolor the backgrounds for our designs! Each student gets a white sheet of construction paper. I tell them to choose 2 colors for their background design and make side to side strokes with their paintbrush. Then we let them dry!
  6. After the backgrounds are dry, students cut out their Zentangle hand designs and use a glue stick to glue it down to their watercolor background!
  7. We finish them off by writing growth mindset phrases around their hands that they can remember throughout the year! We discuss some of the phrases that were shared in the book, and I also pull up pictures with other growth mindset sayings as well that students can use on their project!

Growth Mindset Books

I love doing this growth mindset project with other growth mindset books and/or activities!!! A couple of my favorite growth mindset books are Your Fantastic Elastic Brain (which is an informational book about the science of how your brain works), and The Magical Yet!

These books are great for teaching all about growth mindset!

This zentangle growth mindset project also makes a gorgeous classroom display that you can keep up throughout the school year!

Pin this picture on Pinterest so you can come back to this idea when you need it!

Zentangle growth mindset art project for the beginning of the year!

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