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Chevron Name Tags for Student Chairs

My first few years of teaching I would dutifully write out my students’ names on name tags and attach them to the front of their desks. Year after year however, the name tags would be all crumpled, colored on, and torn, just weeks into the school year. (It doesn’t help that our classrooms are used over the weekend and my students have to turn their desks around… leaving the name tags right at the edge of the desk where people are sitting!)
If you are a long-time reader, you may remember last year when I posted pictures of my student name tags for my classroom tour. They were printed, laminated, and taped to the backs of my students’ chairs!
It worked amazingly!!
By the end of the year, their name tags聽were still intact, and most of them still in perfect condition!
I was SO happy!
Now, I know that this won’t work for all teachers, especially those in聽primary grades whose students need to actually see their names in print or cursive, however for my 4th graders, putting their聽name tags on their chairs was a perfect solution to the not-so-pretty-when-they-got-destroyed-on-desks name tags!
I’ve had lots and lots of teachers ask about these throughout the year, and especially lately with the back-to-school madness, so, after making mine for this coming year…
I made an editable file and posted it to TPT for all of you who have been asking about them!
We don’t go back to school until the end of August and I can’t get back into my classroom yet, but I was excited to get an early start on my back-to-school creating! 聽I’m sure I’ll have to print a couple more name tags before the first day of school, but I’m glad to have the majority of them finished and ready to go!



  1. I love that idea, Molly!! I might have to try it in my classroom too!! 馃檪

    Sailing into Second

  2. Love this idea, especially since some of the students get attached to their chairs lol

    Learning With Mrs. S

  3. This is a great idea. The name plates are just beautiful!

  4. Katheryn says:

    How would you suggest using name tags with switching classes? I love the idea of them, but can't figure out a good way!

  5. Jane says:

    Those are so cute, and what a great idea to save the wear and tear and the name plates!

    Thanks for sharing-
    Learning in the Little Apple

  6. Totally cute and a great way to avoid the "messyness" of them getting destroyed on desktops. Plus, they just move the chair when they go to another desk! Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing!! BTW, what font did you use for the names on your tags? I've been searching for a font like this one to use in my scrapbook creations!! Thanks again!!

  7. How did you tape these to the back of the chair? Packaging tape? Did you just loop and stick it to the back?

  8. jessica says:

    I can’t figure out how to type names into it….

  9. um says:


    This is so cool and I loved the idea. How do I buy these? I need them as soon as possible . My kids are going to love their own chair.

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