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Christmas in the Classroom!

Oh. My. Word. December went by so fast this year! All the December activities seem to just suck up lots of time, plus I got sick on top of it, and now I’m left with Christmas over and no blog posts about all the wonderful things we did in the classroom! So even though Christmas is over, hopefully you won’t mind me stretching it out a little bit longer! 馃檪

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year in the classroom because of all the fun stuff that goes along with it!! I just wanted to share some of the Christmasy things from our classroom this month!

First of all, our Christmas door!! This is a design I’ve done in the past, but this year I got new snowflakes, ornament cut-outs, and amazing gold glitter paper for the star from my new favorite store, Paper Source!

I also picked up an adorable Christmas “photo props” kit filled with these goodies:

All I had to do was punch them out and glue them together, and of course, I added some glitter to them!
Then I told my kiddos they could pick 2 of the props for the picture I took of them! I printed the pictures and cut them in circles to fit on the paper ornaments that they decorated!
We were all super excited to see how their pictures turned out! Then added their name, grade, and year to the back and tied some colorful baker’s twine to the top so they could take them home and add them to their tree!

Also in our room we have our own little Christmas tree complete with sparkly snow at the bottom (something we don’t see much of in California)! We decorated it with ornaments that my kiddos made that they took home as gifts to their families!

The ornaments are super easy to make. I just get the clear ornaments from Michael’s and then have my students choose 2 colors that they would like for their ornament. Then I squirt some of each color into the ornament and give it to them to slowly move around until the entire inside is covered. Then they put it in a cup to drain out the extra paint {picture below} and the next day we put the top on, tie on some baker’s twine, and they are ready to be hung! 

I have so many more fun Christmas photos and activities that I had wanted to share… but now that it is after Christmas we will see… I might share some more of them in another post, and then the rest may just have to wait until next year! 馃檪

I am linking up with Miss Nelson’s Teacher’s Gunna Snap!
Check out her adorable blog to see what other people have been up to this December!

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday with your family and friends!

  1. Amy Howbert says:

    The ornaments are GORGEOUS, I will have to remember this for next year!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. Emily says:

    Very cute and I'm glad you are feeling better!

  3. Aimee says:

    I love the door decor! The photo props are such a great idea! And, I bet the kids loved them!

    Primarily Speaking

  4. I love this post! So many cute ideas!

  5. Miss Nelson says:

    super cute pics. Love the ornaments.:)
    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Kate says:

    Ha!! Now THAT is a word I can relate to!! 馃檪 Sparkle DOES make everything wonderful. What an adorable idea for those Christmas poses! You are so creative, girl! Can't wait to see you on Friday!!

    Second Grade Sparkle
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