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Classroom Tour 2013!

I finally have classroom pictures to share!
Woo hoo!
Every year I think I have my classroom set exactly the way I want it, but then when summer comes around I already have tons of changes in mind that I want to do! This year I redid my borders (I loved the turquoise scrunchy border I had last year, but I wanted to bring in more bright colors!). I also added more chalkboard prints to my colorful theme, and I am so happy with how it turned out!! I look lots and lots of pictures, so enjoy!
Here is a view of the back of my classroom!
And the front corner:
I got sheet metal added to the closet doors where my students store their backpacks, so now my word wall is magnetic!

You can get my clip chart freebie {here}!
My alphabet is from the amazing Ladybug’s Teacher Files!
My “What We’re Learning” board was inspired by Christina from Sugar and Spice!
The frames on the left are for the Common Core standards that we are currently working on! I am in the process of laminating them, but I’ll take new pictures of them once I get them up! 
I am working on the math standards right now, and hopefully I’ll have them done soon!
Daily 5 and Homework Club
(I was going to use my students’ pictures for my homework club like I did in the past, but I loved how Tara used numbers for hers, and since I already had numbers made for their book baskets, I decided to use them for the homework club as well!)

Side counter, CAFE board, and Daily 5 baskets

Small group table:
I’m using popsicle sticks with their numbers this year to make it easier to switch things up!
Supply table with tissues and pencil sharpener:

Bookshelves, Star Student, and Reading board.
My reading board was inspired by The Teacher Wife and her home reading tracker
I’ll do a post on how I use this in my classroom soon!
My Expectations board was inspired by Hope King and Ron Clark’s Essential 55! It has 11 of his essentials that I stress with my students. I used Hope’s posters last year, but created my own this year to go with my chalkboard theme!

 Math Material tubs:

Birthday Stars freebie {here}!

Having student name tags on their chairs this year has worked SO much better than having them on their desks! I think by this time last year the ones on their desks were already pretty destroyed! Now since they are on their chairs, the name tags still look brand new!

You can read about my color-coded classroom library {here}.

 And that’s my classroom! After looking through all the pictures I realized that I have no pictures of my front carpet where I do mini-lessons and read alouds! Probably because most of the changes from last year happened with the back and sides of the classroom! I have some pictures of that area in last year’s classroom tour, and I’ll make sure to take some more recent pictures sometime this year! 
  1. Wow! Your room looks awesome! I love all of the vibrant colors and attention to detail throughout your room. You utilized every inch! The name tags on the back of the chairs are adorable, and I love your writing and classroom job bulletin boards! I'm jealous! 🙂

  2. Ursula says:

    Your room looks awesome! I love your name tags. The idea to put them on chairs sure seems like a neat idea!

  3. ~Stephanie says:

    What a colorful room you have!! It looks so clean and organized…I love it!

    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Krista R. says:

    Your room is gorgeous!

  5. Amy Rosado says:

    Love it amazing! Where did you get the chair name tags

  6. elainaann says:

    I love all the colors.

  7. Your room looks amazing!!! You make me want to be a 4h grader! I wish my room still looked that good at this point of the school year!


  8. Rachel says:

    Your room looks fantastic!! I love how bright and cheerful it looks!!

  9. Your room looks so clean and organized. I love the bright colors.

  10. Katie Lawson says:

    Gorgeous and fun. Love the colors!

  11. Mrs. G says:

    LOVE it! I want you expectations posters and your super cute nametags! Are they available in your TpT shop?

  12. Wow, your rooms looks amazing. I bet the kids love it, good job! How does your Homework Club work? Thanks for the pictures! Bonnie

  13. Mrs Cupcake says:

    I love your room! So bright and cheery! 🙂
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  14. Alison Rose says:

    Your classroom is so colorful and organized. I'd love to spend a day in there…or a week!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  15. SO cute! Your colors are such a pop, and your kids must LOVE their space! You have made it so cozy, warm, and inviting! Thanks for being such a decor inspiration!

    Young Teacher Love Blog

  16. Your room looks fantastic! I was wondering where in California are you? I'm always looking for CA teacher bloggers. I'm in LA.

  17. Kristen says:

    I was so relieved when I saw this Molly because now I won't be alone in posting my tour in October!!! Except I still haven't!!!!! Your room is absolutely gorgeous, though this comes as no surprise. I can't even decide what to comment on first, it's all so lovely! How difficult was it to attach the sheet metal. I LOVE how it looks and that it makes the surface magnetic. Still wish we could decorate rooms together 😉

  18. achma khatun says:

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  19. Tammy says:

    Love your tour. I found your blog on Mrs. Stanford's Blog. How does your Homework Club work? I saw that someone posted that above too but didn't see a response. Please email me if you can. I would love to learn about it. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  20. Your room is absolutely stunning! I was just hired to teach third grade and I am planning for my very first year of teaching! Your blog is so inspiring and I am getting so many great ideas from looking through what you've done. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Your room is stunning! I am about to begin my first year of teaching in a third grade classroom this Fall and you have given me so many great ideas. I am completely inspired by what you've done and I look forward to using some similar ideas in my own room! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. I LOVE your room! I've already added your letters and numbers pack to my TPT basket. :o) I'd like to do the name tags on the backs of the chairs like yours. Where did you get them? Thanks for sharing your talents and your classroom.

  23. Where did you get the perfect blue lampshade? Love it. I need one! Cute room.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I have a looked EVERYWHERE for a number line like yours'!!!!!!! Where did you find it? Thank you and your room is gorgeous!

  25. Casey says:

    I love your classroom. Do you happen to know the name of the paint on your classroom walls?

  26. Hi Molly, have seen a few people ask you where you got your great chair name tags from. Please share! Your room is gorgeous!

  27. Where did you get your book bin labels?

  28. Lindsey says:

    Hi Molly! I love your classroom! Where did you get the library pockets and round labels for your daily jobs?

  29. Heather Hale says:

    Hi Molly! I love your classroom and will for sure be purchasing your chair name tag labels! I think those will work SO much better then what I usually do! I was wondering if you could explain how your homework club works?! I would like to implement something like that this year! Thanks!

  30. DORIS DAVIS says:

    OMG, your room is awesome and huge! I so love it. Did you change it this year?

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