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Classroom Tour!

For some crazy reason, I never did a classroom tour post this year! So, with 1 1/2 weeks left, I decided to do one! First, because I want to have pictures to go off of when I set up my classroom next year (and to maybe figure out a new layout over the summer to switch things up a bit)… second, because I am so sad that in a few short days my classroom will go from this…
 to this…
 At least we don’t have to take down our bulletin boards over summer, so I can keep the fabric and borders up, but it is still a very sad sight!
So, here is what my classroom looks like all nice and cheery before it is taken down!
{Computer station, library, and student mailboxes}
{class library & jobs chart}
{word wall/backpack storage, book baskets, reading/writing binders}
{math board and Lightning Rod/math manipulative station}
{view of back corner of room}
{student clipboards and chart paper/easel}
{area behind my desk, next to my chair with read aloud books, etc., and some of the motivational posters at the front of our classroom}
{view of front corner of our classroom}
{front boards and carpet area}
{Guided reading/math group table}
{Other front corner of classroom}
{Our Book Recommendation Tree, stationary, what is left of the birthday stars, and colored pencil containers}
{CAFE menu and Daily 5 baskets}
And that is pretty much it! I already have some ideas in mind for next year, and of course I will be looking at lots of pictures over the summer of other teachers’ classrooms for inspiration! Hope you all had a great weekend! We are on to our last full week of school!
Woo hoo!
  1. Kelly says:

    Your room is so super cute! Love the bookcases you have lining under the board & I can't wait to use your idea of tying cute ribbon to my clipboards. Love! 馃檪

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Gosh your classroom is sooooo cute!!!!

  3. I love all your windows and I see your Readbox in the corner. I am so doing that next year. 馃檪
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Love your classroom! Everything is so cute! I am so glad you decided to share your pictures! I really love your jobs chart! Super original!

    The Polished Teacher

  5. Love the room. So bright and cheery. Where did you get the red paper organizer behind your desk? All I can find are black baskets?


  6. Meghan says:

    I love your room! The colors are perfect. It looks organized and like a wonderful use of the space.

  7. I love the border you have in your room. I just attempted the same with my classroom and love it!!


  8. Kristen says:

    Oh my gosh, I'm so excited you posted tour pictures!!! Your room is beyond gorgeous! I know I will be revisiting this often this summer, thanks so much Molly 馃檪

  9. Becky Furlan says:

    Sooo cute! I love looking at other 4th grade teacher's classrooms! What a fun room~ I'm sure your students loved learning there!
    Becky 馃檪

  10. Molly your room is ADORABLE!!! So organized and so much COLOR! I am in love! Thanks for posting these pictures, you're giving me so many great ideas for next year!!

    Young Teacher Love Blog

  11. Ok, can I just say that your room and organizational skills are ridiculously amazing!?! I love that all your tubs match! I have such a hodgepodge of stuff it drives me nuts. That will be one of my projects for this year… Thanks for the inspiration darling!
    3 Teacher Chicks

  12. Jen Willis says:

    You have so many creative ideas that I will be using next year! I'm also impressed with how clean and organized it is at the end of the year…it looks like the first week of school. It looks like a great place to learn.

  13. Mikaela says:

    Your room is darling! Where is your wire paper basket from (in the picture of the area behind your desk)? I need one of those!!

  14. Love your room! Where did you find the black chart paper easel? I am trying to find something similar, thank you!

  15. Thank you for sharing! You gave me an idea on where to store my class set of clipboards!

  16. I love your room! I love the white shelves under the board. We're those bought or made?

  17. sarah bruha says:

    I see that you have some fabric covering your computer table…how did you do that?

  18. Mrs. Tyner says:

    Your room is fabulous! Can you tell me about the pictures above your word wall? Are they missions? Please share…

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