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Halloween in the Classroom

I absolutely love holidays. And celebrating in the classroom with my students is always so much fun! 
Friday morning started out with some STEM fun with gummy candy corns  thanks to my sweet friend Tara! You can check out more about this challenge on her blog!
This year all the teachers decided on a candy-theme, so I dressed up as a bubble gum machine! It didn’t take that long to make and my students loved it!
In the afternoon my fabulous room parents organized a Halloween party! They set up three stations: cookie decorating, necklace making, and bag decorating. They were so organized! 
 How neat are those eyes they found to decorate cookies with?!

 For the bag decorating they brought in a ton of fun Halloweeny foam stickers! Students got out their markers and went to town decorating them!
  After all the rotations, my students opened their bags up on their desks and students who brought treats went around and put them in everyone’s bag! One of my students was also super excited to have a bag to go trick-or-treating with!
 After the stations, we had a nice snack table set up with some delicious snacks, fruit, and popcorn. I love these adorable oreo spiders that one of my fabulous parents/fellow teachers brought in! 
   Now I am SO ready to start getting ready for Christmas!! I know we have Thanksgiving in between, but I feel like there is never enough time for Christmas decorations, so they may be going up a little early this year… at least at home! 
Hope you all are having a great week!

  1. Diane R says:

    Oh my gosh! Your costume is so adorable! And gummy candy corn? Never heard of it!

  2. Crystal Nell says:

    Love your costume!! So super cute!! What awesome parents you have!!

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