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Stitch Fix from June & July!

I remember starting my teacher credential program several years ago and thinking “ohmygoodness, I don’t have any ‘teacher’ clothes!” Now it is the opposite… the majority of clothes in my closet are ones I wear to work! I love shopping, but getting clothes in the mail from Stitch Fix adds an extra touch of excitement to my week!
I’m a little behind on posting about my last couple fixes, so here’s a little recap:
July Fix!
I have been anxiously waiting for a fix where I keep all the items, and I had my fingers crossed that this was it! I especially love pulling all the items out of the box and seeing a quick view of the patters… I loved the view of these ones!
I don’t wear sleeveless tops to school unless I pair them with a cardigan. This navy top was comfortable, and I loved how it looked paired with a purple cardigan from my closet.

I could have kept this top and been happy with it, but I decided that it was a little darker than I liked (especially if I paired it with black pants for work), so I decided to return it!
The next top, I LOVED the print up close…
However from a distance, it was super busy and dizziness-inducing.
In my June fix (which you’ll see below), I received a PERFECT pair of jeans. I have trouble shopping for jeans because I am supper picky, and it can be hard to find ones that are the right length. So I wrote a note to my stylist and requested another pair of jeans from the same brand, but with a different wash. I was excited when I saw the wash of these ones and thought they would be another perfect pair, until I unfolded them… 
Love the wash, but I definitely can’t wear these to school with all the distress and the huge gaping hole in the knee.
(Fridays = jeans days at our school!)

The next item in my fix was this maxi dress… which I may have considered keeping, however it was several inches too short, so it was out of the question!
Last but not least is this beautiful necklace! 
This was the first piece of jewelry I’ve received in a fix, and I loved it! It dresses up simple shirts and I love the different layers! This was definitely a keeper!

Next up is my June fix. I didn’t get pictures of everything from this fix, BUT I did get pictures of the two things I kept: The most amazing and comfortable scarf ever and the perfect-fitting pair of jeans!
I LOVE scarfs and wear them pretty-much daily during the cooler months. And like I mentioned earlier, these jeans fit perfectly! They were even long enough for me to cuff them at the bottom, which hardly ever happens! These are probably two of my favorite items I’ve received in a fix so far!
If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, you need to check it out! It’s an online shopping service that ships clothes right to your doorstep! You simply sign up online and fill out a personal style profile (your size, style, colors you like, clothing you would like to get… etc.!)

You can also add a link to one of your Pinterest boards with your favorite looks! I added the link to my style board!

When you sign up, you can choose if you’d like a one-time shipment, or you can sign up to receive a box once a month, or every 2-3 weeks! When I first signed up I just got a one-time shipment, but I’ve since switched to receiving boxes every 2-3 weeks (which has actually been about every 3 weeks).
There is a $20 styling fee, however, if you decide to keep something in your box, that $20 goes towards it! Then you simply put the unwanted pieces in the provided bag and send them back! I also like that they have you give them feedback on each of the pieces they ship! 

You can also write a note to your stylist requesting certain pieces. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another pair of those jeans in my next fix!
If you plan on signing up for Stitch Fix, I would love if you use my referral link! If you use my link, I receive a credit towards future purchases. Thank you!
  1. OH my gosh you are adorable! All the clothes look good on you! And you know I was checking out all your bling 馃槈 Are you sporting different watches in the pictures?? And your mid finger ring is so fun! Who is taking your pictures?! They are stunning!!!!

  2. Molly,
    I love that scarf! Have you ever tried Golden Tote? It is much like stitch fix, except you get to pick 2 outfits and the remaining 3 are surprises based on your profile. I've had some really great bags from them. You should check them out!
    A LoveLi Class

  3. Zhou J says:

    Oh it sucks that the maxi dress was a few inches short Molly 馃檨 It's such a nice print! The necklace though, is undeniably beautiful. Have you gotten any more fixes lately?

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