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Throwback Thursday: Glitter & Reading!

Today is our last day in Europe and it has gone by so fast!! Now we are headed back to my hometown where I was born and raised for a friend’s wedding!
I am bringing back another post from last August (almost a year ago today!) about my read letters and my glitter clothespins that I used for my student writing board! These worked amazing and they held up all year! I am thinking of keeping them the same for this year as well (especially since I won’t have a ton of time to change things around because we will only have about 2 weeks left until school when I get back home!)
I’m linking up with Mrs. Carroll for Throwback Thursday!
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Originally posted August 6, 2012
I LOVE glitter.
There is just something about it that I just can’t get enough of. 
Do I love that it always gets everywhere and sometimes seems impossible to get rid of?
Does that stop me from loving it?
No way!
So after seeing this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to make some glitter clothespins of my own!
Then I saw another pin with the idea of gluing tacks to the back of them, which was perfect, because after gluing on the tacks, I was able to hang them up on my writing board! I am excited that I won’t have to staple holes through my students writing anymore… it will be so much easier to just hang them up with the clothespins!
Also, I finally finished my “READ” letters! I bought a set of flat letters a while ago, but then decided that I wanted them to be able to stand up, so I traded them for the thicker letters! This project has been on my to-do list since the beginning of summer, so I am so excited to finally have it done!! I covered them with bright colored fabric that I got at Joanne’s. 
Also, unrelated to making anything, look what I got in the mail!!
My Erin Condren teacher planner!
I am so excited because I fell in love with the Instagram cover, but they only have it on their site for the Life Planner. Thankfully they are so wonderful and they said that they would be able to make my teacher planner with the Instagram cover! I LOVE how colorful it is!
And my new phone cover!
Of course, I still feel like a have a bajillion things left on my list to get done before school, but I still have 3 weeks left to prepare!
I’m sure by now almost everyone has heard of Tara’s Monday Made Its, so make sure you head over there to see the rest of the fabulous creations teachers made this week!

  1. Becky says:

    I have the exact same Erin Condren Planner. Expect of course with of Pic of my daughter.. haha! Love it!

  2. Lisa Bee says:

    Where did you get your personalized iPhone case?
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I love my personalized planner & phone case! They are must haves! Plus, I always know what things are mine as I often walk around and leave them places 馃槈

    Enjoy your friend's wedding & the rest of summer!
    My Shoe String Life

  4. Samantha says:

    Thanks for the tack idea! I purchased glittered clothesline in Michael's dollar spot a while back and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Now I know! 馃檪

  5. Stephanie says:

    I second the "where did you get your iPhone case?" comment – love it! Enjoy the wedding!

  6. Melissa Chae says:

    Cute phone! I am getting a new cover when i get the iphone 5.

    Ms. Chae Charges In

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