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Throwback Thursday

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!! This week has flown by and my husband and I are leaving for Europe on Wednesday! I am in a mad rush to get everything on my list done before we leave and I do not think I’m going to succeed! I have been thinking a lot about my classroom library lately and some plans I have in mind for it when I get back and can go set up my room (2 weeks before school starts!). With that in mind, I thought I’d bring back this post about my library sticks!
Happy Throwback Thursday!
Thanks to Mrs. Carroll for this awesome linky party!
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Originally posted April 21, 2012
Guess what was delivered to our lovely little classroom on Friday! 
My kiddos were super excited to get them and they all wanted to put them on right away!
I am soooo happy with how they turned out!
We will be going on a field trip on Tuesday, and we will out be decked out with our fun new shirts!
They are from Whitney Daniels Designs and you can order them here!
Do you remember using paint sticks in the library back when we were kids? 
Maybe your library still uses them! Well, my students worked really hard to put our fiction books in alphabetical order and I wanted to make sure that they stay that way. When students are looking for a good fit book and pull a book off the shelf, sometimes they don’t remember exactly where they got it from, and, let’s be honest, some of them just will not take the time to figure it out!
Enter. . . library sticks!

Of course I didn’t want to just have the plain boring paint sticks, so I glittered and colored them up a bit! I picked up free paint sticks from our local hardware store and drilled a hole in the end of them. Then I took them outside and sprayed them with glitter spray paint (the same spray paint I used for my book recommendation tree!) After both the front and back had dried, I sprayed them with glitter sealer spray paint so that the glitter would not come off! Then I tied some fun colored ribbons through the holes that I had drilled, making sure to leave a loop in the middle that I could hang them from!
Next, I needed a hook to hang them on, so I attached a Command strip to the side of my bookshelf.
Then I hung the library sticks up and showed the kids how to use them when they are looking for books! They have definitely helped keep our class library books in order and the kids love using them!

  1. Thanks for reposting that – I love both of those ideas!

  2. Mary Wingert says:

    I love the T-shirt! I saw the link, and I'm thinking about doing that this year. Thank you for sharing!


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