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When You Enter This Classroom… Door Decor

Earlier this year I posted a picture of my “When you enter this classroom…” door and I’ve received a lot of questions from teachers who wanted to replicate it!

When you enter this classroom... Door Decor - Tutorial by Lessons with Laughter

Well, I’ve finally put everything together in one nice little file for all of you, along with some details on how I created the design!聽I had several questions asking if my door is painted black, and the answer is no, I actually covered it with black fadeless paper!


The white marker comes either in a pack of four, or in a pack with other colors. I actually own both packs!

When you enter this classroom... Door Decor materials


I wrote out the lettering on the top of the door first, and then taped on the banners that spell out CLASSROOM. I held the banners up first to try to figure out spacing and make sure they all fit! The next part of the door I wrote out “you are” in chalk ink and then I taped on the word where I wanted it.

I loved using the chalk ink when decorating my classroom door and definitely would do it again! It is a great alternative to cutting out lots of different letters to tape up!

To get the free printables that I made to create this door, you can go here, or click on the picture below!

When you enter this classroom... Door Decor - Tutorial by Lessons with Laughter

The door was not my original idea, rather it was inspired by many images of posters and other teachers’ classroom doors on Pinterest!


  1. Thanks for the directions! Your door must be such a welcome sight for your students!!

  2. Kate says:

    I do the same one! I just printed colorful words, laminated, and taped it to my brown door. Kept it up all year!

  3. I love this soooooo much!!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Where do you get the banner?

  5. Where did you get the banners?! Super cute!

  6. pammyc says:

    Definitely enlightened teaching! Well done!

  7. What a wonderful idea and such a nice message! That way your students know what to expect in your classroom and are indeed welcomed.

  8. So inspiring! I'm doing this!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been looking for some door decor ideas. This is perfect!

  10. Joyce Geng says:

    This is such an affirming door…..so welcoming and positive!

  11. Love this! I teach High School and plan to use it! All students need to be inspired!

  12. Lovely door. I plan to make a similar one when I return with my 4th graders in Beirut! Thanks for sharing. Sara

  13. Hallie says:

    This would be awesome on the office door of a school. Is there any chance I could get an "H" on the banner so that I could spell "SCHOOL" instead of classroom? I think I'm going to use a silver sharpie for the chalk!

  14. Ana Lopez says:


    Love this door banner. Can you tell me where to get the small banner that states classroom. It pops out nicely.

  15. Ana Lopez says:

    Hi! Love the door banner. Can you tell me where to get the classroom pennant banner set that's part of the door banner?

  16. Eva says:

    Hi there! I plan to use this with my fourth grade class in the fall. Thank you for sharing! My question is, how do you attach the fade less paper to your door? I’ve always had problems with this! Thank you!

  17. Dee Dee Love says:

    Thank you sooo much for this!!!!

  18. Ricardo Matus says:

    To be honest I not very (or any) good when it comes to decoration I usually pay or hire someone to get it done, but looking at your ideas gave the confidence to do it myself, thank you for making class decor a lot easier

  19. Evelyn Mason says:

    I love the ideas you have posted and it’s soooooo nice that you posted them for free on TpT!!! Thank you!

  20. Christa Duewall says:

    I’m a school counselor and I thought about doing this for our whole school – could you make the banner with the letters for “school” instead of “classroom”? Please? and thank you in advance!!

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