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Dr. Seuss in the Classroom!

 Since Dr. Seuss’s birthday was over the weekend, we are celebrating him in the class this week! My 4th graders LOVE Dr. Seuss! His books are not just for the lower grades… us upper grades can learn from them too!
We started off our celebration with a Dr. Seuss photo booth! I was inspired by this pin and several Lorax mustache pins on Pinterest and decided why not create a whole photo booth with several of his characters! 

Then I took pictures of my kiddos for our door! They got to choose which character they wanted to use for their picture.
Our next Dr. Seuss activity was inspired by Chanty from The Teaching Bug! We used the Lorax writing paper she made and then they traced the mustache and eyebrow template (from the photo booth) to create the Lorax at the top of their paper! These make me SOOO happy!! They wrote a paragraph on how they would have helped the Lorax save the Truffula trees and then a paragraph on how they can help save trees today. 

Then of course we had to have some yummy Dr. Seuss treats!! I got together with a couple friends and we all made these for our classes!
One Fish Two Fish Jello:
Marshmellow and fruit roll hats:

 And since I usually have positive inspirational quotes framed in the front of my classroom, I thought I’d switch it up for the week with some of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes!
We made the cutest Truffula tree pencils too, but I keep forgetting to take pictures!
Are you all celebrating Dr. Seuss this week?
  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love, love, love the photo booth! So cute! Wish I had taken the time to do Dr. Suess (even in math class) 馃檪

  2. Your photo booth idea is amazing! I love it! It looks like your kiddos had a tone of fun!
    3 Teacher Chicks

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