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Hall Pass!

Today I am linking up with Reagan for her Hall Pass linky!

I have been having so much fun creating things for my classroom and to share with other fabulous teachers! From games to posters, it is so neat to be able to create things and bring my ideas to life! I have to say, that the product that I am most proud of is the one that I just finished… 

It was so much fun creating this and I have been loving using these colorful posters in my classroom!
My favorite classroom area… what a difficult choice! 
I think today I am going to have to say our class library BECAUSE I just got these amazing new pillows from IKEA!! Aren’t they wonderful? I loved the bright colors in both spots and stripes, and couldn’t resist! Plus, the pillow covers can come off so that I can through them in the wash after they have had lots of reading done with them and are starting to look a little dingy!
My go to signal is from Whole Brain Teaching, where I say sing Claaasss and they reply sing Yeeeesss! It is so much fun because I can sing it however I want and they always echo me in their response! So cute!!
Also, I love my using my star wand to signal transitions during our math rotations! I got it for a great price and it makes such a pretty sound when I tap it on the table!
All of my fabulous teacher friends keep me sane! Just talking with them in the lunch room, texting in the evening, meeting up for get-togethers, etc., it is great to have friends to share this passion with! 
And I have to say that my students also do a great job of bringing a big smile to my face, even on those crazy and busy days! They surprised me today at the end of class by announcing that they chose me to be star student this week! We didn’t have one this week, so they thought they would choose one themselves! So sweet!
They even added a little description of me, my best friends, and my favorite thing to do! 馃檪
Oh, and I gotta have something sweet in my classroom! Definitely have taken candy from our Secret Star jar on several occasions! And I love Oreos! Which, by the way, did you realize that “Double Stuf Oreos” only has one “f”? I was reading The Lightning Thief to my class today and the word came up (Ares gave them a backpack with them) and I thought for sure it was a typo, but then when I grabbed my stash of them after school, I was shocked! Just proof that even teachers are constantly learning new things! 馃檪

  1. Your genre posters are ADORABLE! I love the bright pops of color!

    Starburts and Double Stuf (? weird I never noticed the spelling?!!) Oreos MIGHT be the greatest teacher sanity idea EVER! Hard days always result in junk food for me too!

    Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Molly! I LOVE those genre posters too! 馃檪 And the Starburst & Oreos! 馃槈 Hope you're having a great weekend!!!

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