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Sticker Storage + Display in the Classroom

Water bottle stickers, hydroflask stickers, waterproof stickers… whatever you call them, my students have loved earning stickers in the classroom! This year I have a new sticker storage and display system that I wanted to share with you!

Sticker storage and display in the classroom

Last year I started using these stickers as classroom rewards and they were a hit! You can buy the stickers in large packs for pretty cheap on Amazon, which is an added bonus because I like to find fun rewards that are free or cheap!

Sticker storage and display in the classroom

Favorite Stickers in our Class

These are a few of our favorite packs of stickers from the past couple years! I buy stickers based on what my students like! Sometimes I’ll even ask them what type of stickers they want me to order next!

Or you can click here to shop all these stickers and other classroom favorites from my Amazon storefront!

Just a note that I always like to go through the stickers before I bring them into my class! Sometimes there are stickers that may not be appropriate included in the large packs!

You can also click on any of the pictures below to shop those stickers!

Sticker Display for the Classroom

When we started this year off with distance learning I would mail stickers to students based on their interests and things they liked. Then once we were in the classroom again I wanted them to be able to choose their own sticker! In the beginning when they earned one I would spread out all the stickers on a table right before our break and students would pick out the one they wanted, however it was a little inconvenient to have to take them all out and then put them away every time a student earned a sticker.

When I started thinking of other ways to display stickers I remembered these pocket charts that I got from the Target dollar spot a few years ago! I hung one up on a cupboard door using command hooks, and then filled it up with stickers!

Sticker storage and display in the classroom

Now when students earn a sticker as a reward or buy one from our class economy system they can easily go pick one from the chart! The can see all the stickers at once and only touch the sticker that they are going to take!

Want to know more about how my students earn stickers? Check out my post on my Sticker Reward Classroom Management Strategy by clicking on the picture below!

Virtual Teaching

When I shared about this on Instagram I had several teachers reach out who are still doing distance learning. They said that they are going to use this method to display stickers so their students can easily see them through the camera and pick one out! Then they will send the sticker to the student in the mail! Genius!

Sticker Storage Jar

This summer I created a sticker jar to store all my stickers. My original plan was to have students look through the jar for their stickers, but since that isn’t an option this year, I’ve been using it as a place to store the stickers that don’t fit in my pocket chart! When I need to add new stickers to our pocket chart I just take them out of the sticker jar!

I made the sticker jar using my cricut and these plastic jars! They come in a set of 3 so I used one of the smaller jars for our fun erasers!

Sticker storage and display in the classroom

If you’re interested in learning how I made the sticker jar you can watch my video below!

I hope this was helpful if you use stickers in the classroom and are trying to figure out how to store them or display them! If you are interested in reading more about classroom organization ideas that I use in my classroom, you can check out my post here!

  1. Darcy says:

    How do you use the stickers as rewards? How do students earn them? I bought the stickers and pocket chat, just unsure how to use with 1st graders. Thanks!

  2. Kim says:

    I would like to know how your kids earn the stickers and how you manage it all. I want to use the mini erasers “desk pets” as a reward instead.

  3. Claudine Brown says:

    What kind of reward system do you use for the stickers. I love the idea!

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