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My Favorite Teacher Water Bottle Stickers

It may have taken me over a year since I bought my first sticker for my water bottle, but I finally worked up the courage to put all the stickers I’ve been collecting on it! Anyone else have a fear of commitment with water bottle stickers? Sharing some of my favorite inspirational and teacher water bottle stickers below!

My favorite water bottle stickers for teachers!

I got the majority of my water bottle stickers from Etsy! Lots of them are teacher-y, but I love ones that have inspirational or motivating sayings on them as well!

My favorite water bottle stickers for teachers!

Teacher Water Bottle Stickers – Small Shops

Here are a few of my favorite small shops to get stickers from!

Teacher Golz

Aloha.Kindergarten / ThePineappleGirlCo

Made by Emma K

Addyson Lane


There are so many amazing teacher water bottle stickers and I always love finding new ones to add to my collection!!! Do you put stickers on your water bottle? Or your laptop? I’d love to know if you get any of these ones!!

Hydro Flask Accessories

I get asked about my Hydro Flask + accessories all the time! My Hydro Flask color isn’t available anymore. I’ve had it for years and it has held up so well! I also love the Hydro Flask in white, especially if you are planning on covering it with colorful stickers!

The handle is from Amazon and it makes it SO easy to carry my Hydro Flask around! They come in lots of different colors too!

The straw has been a game-changer! I drink so much more water when there is a straw vs. having to open and close a top all day! You can get the straw/lid combo that I have here!

My favorite water bottle stickers for teachers!

Want to learn more about how I use water bottle stickers with my students? Check out my post here where I share how I store and display student water bottle stickers!

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